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We offer six different career strands and endless project opportunities for you to gain experience in technical and professional settings.

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SparkTank is an
program where students engage in
learning experiences while learning
skills as they complete real-world projects.

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I would recommend SparkTank to others because of the knowledge and experience that can be gained from it. There are many times when a student in class has wondered, "When will I ever use this?" In SparkTank, not only do you learn professional skills, you also get the chance to use and improve them, and I think that is one of the coolest things about this program.

Katie Stroh

My favorite part about SparkTank would have to be the freedom. We aren’t confined to sitting in our rectangular shaped desks that are exactly the same, doing and learning the same thing as the person sitting next to you as the instructor lectures you.We get to choose what we focus on and what skills we learn generally. We have a list of projects to pick and choose from for the semester, meaning the teacher doesn’t really tell us what to do at all.

Caleb Barndt

My favorite part of SparkTank is the friendships we have created. When you spend at least 3 hours with one another each day, you go through the highs and lows you will get mad at one another and they will be times you laugh together. We definitely created some strong relationships through the course of the year.

Jonathan Bossou

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